We’re Home!

After an hour delay in Guatemala City, and an hour delay in Detroit, we are home.  We pulled into the church parking lot at 4:02AM, Michigan time.  It was a long day of travel, but everyone was of good spirits all day.

Thanks for all your prayers for the week.  There are many stories to tell and lots of pictures to share.

This was an amazing group of people who were a team from day one, and who certainly spread the Word of God this week in Guatemala.

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It’s Friday!

What an amazing night of God’s power last night during devotions!  As we shared, wept at the cross, and turned our lives over to Christ, we were overcome by the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Pray us through our flights and travel today.  We will see you all in Michigan early tomorrow morning!

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D-Day (Dedication Day)

Awesome.  Today truly defined that word.  My little words will come far short from adequately explaining how God moved and what we all experienced, but I’ll still try to fill you in.  Also, just to warn you, I am whipped so I’m not going to fill you in on all of the details. I’m sure the stories will flow easily once we arrive home. We began by finishing off the homes with a couple roofing crews while the rest painted the interior of their homes. Then the dedications began. Each home was lifted up in intense prayer by the team as Dan and Hermano Jesus presented the Gospel to each family. God heard our prayers and responded so obviously. Each person of all 5 homes came to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior today. It was truly incredible to be there as tears flowed down so many faces and God’s hand could be seen so evidently gripping the hearts of the lost! Lives were changed today and God’s Kingdom was advanced!

All Glory to God!

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Wednesday morning

Quick update:

Today is dedication day!  Please pray for the five families that we are dedicating the houses to today.  This should be around noon here, 2:00 in Michigan.  It should be an exciting day.

We also uploaded some pictures.  Look at them and see what we have done!

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Tuesday – Stucco Day

Hello All!

Today we got up at an early 5:30am. We had pancakes then devos and then left for our worksite. It rained on the way but stopped upon arriving to our worksite. We were able to stucco all the houses with no problems. Once everything was clean from the stucco we had an awning team, and a window team. They began working on on those for each of the houses. The rest of the team played with kids. We took a short break for lunch and once that was done it started down pouring. The windows and awnings were not done so we tried working in the rain. The down pour turned to a drizzle which lasted the rest of the afternoon. Despite the rain, we finished the awnings, windows, and got a chance to really build relationships with the people there. The kids were teaching us some games and they were a ton of fun. The drive home went smoothly with no problems and we arrived to the base all running to the showers to remove the amounts of stucco each of us have :) Now we just enjoyed our Dominoes pizza & pop (it was delicious!) Hope all is well at home. Thank you for all of your prayers. Please pray for the weather tomorrow as we are dedicating the homes to the people. Pray for open hearts as we share the gospal and Christ with them.


Ellen Wiers :)

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Monday – first building day!

Today we woke up to a steady rain, which dampened the mood as we were getting ready to take off for the first day building houses. After personal devotions the rain settled down and we set off for our hour and thirty minute drive to the base of mt. fuego (the most active volcano in central america), where the little village is located. If anyone back home thinks that they have driving on a bumpy road, you havent, trust me. all the of the village roads are quit the ride, but this road trumps all that we have ventured so far.  we made it up the road and parked our vans in the center of the village. After seperating into our 5 teams we beagan our day of work. The bulding of these houses was a brand new experiance for many team members, but it was a challange we enjoyed taking on. The slight overcast made the start to the day very comfortable to work in but as the clouds cleared and the beautiful mt. fuego showed its peak it became very hot. the most of the day was on and off cloud cover but the lord truly answered our prayers by holding off the rain for the entire day. The comunity was very accepting of our presence and many of the little kids enjoyed helping us with our building as much as they could. after build day one each house is free standing with drywall and cement board on. Its great to be able to look at the structure and know how much the families will appreciate their new homes. we look forward to finishing up and dedicating the homes the next two days and pray that God will bless these families with more than just a home.

God Bless, Ethan Deur

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Monday morning

Quick update before we go to build.  It is pouring!  Please pray for the rain to stop!  We have a BIG day of building today, with lots of things to get done.  It would help the day to go much smoother if the rain stopped.  We will update when we return this evening!  Thanks for all the prayers.  It has been an awesome trip so far!

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