Josh Sietsema


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  1. mom says:

    Hey Josh, I hope that you were not too crowded on the plane!! You should know that Grandma Prins passed away this morning. We thought she would while you were gone. I am praying for you. I bet you will sleep well tonight. mom

  2. Kevin says:

    Way to make your first flight an international one. Nothing wrong with going big, especially since you are 6′ 11″. By the way, did you take your knees with you on the plane or did they let you check them with your baggage?

    Now that you are in Guatemala, enjoy being the special person that God made you to be. Love big and have a big faith. Even though you are a big person, you’ll be amazed at how really, really big God is when we invite Him to.

  3. Aunt Sherry says:

    Hi, Josh. So thankful all is going well so far. I’m looking forward to following your trip via this website. We’re praying for all of you.

    Aunt Sherry

  4. Roxanne Ensing says:

    Praying for you! Know that God is right at your side the whole way and smiling at the work you are doing for Him. Praying for comfort in your loss as well.

  5. mom says:

    Josh–I hope that your first medical clinic went well today. I pray for you often throughout the day–I am praying that you will open your heart up to see God at work. Don’t be afraid of what you aren’t comfortable with–step out of your comfort zone! Love, mom.

  6. Amy Beyer says:

    Hey Josh,
    So sorry to hear of your Great Grandma’s passing. She must have been so proud of you and Jenna. I hope and pray that you are having an amazing time as you serve among the people there.
    Shine bright!
    Mrs. Beyer

  7. joan van farowe says:

    Dear Josh–glad to hear all is going well for you. I am praying that you will see how awesome and powerful God is. Love ya, Grandma

  8. Rusty Sietsema says:


    Glad to hear customs and travel have been good so far. I hope you are having lots of fun using your spanish. Enjoy the culture and cultural differences. Have fun! Praying everything continues to go well.

  9. Jackie Sietsema says:

    Josh, if you get a chance to check this Monday morning, know that I am praying for you as you head out on your first building day. I am praying that your group comes together and gets a lot accomplished even though it is raining. We haven’t seen a comment from you yet–maybe you are going completely computer free this week. :) If you do leave a comment, please tell me how your numbers have been. I am trying not to worry! Luv, mom

  10. Jackie Sietsema says:

    PS–there’s a rain poncho somewhere in your stuff. It’s blue and is packages really small. Have you found it yet? It says one size fits all–you’ll have to let us know if that’s true.

  11. Grandpa & Grandma Sietsema says:

    Hi Josh,
    Glad you had a safe trip – planes are fun, aren’t they? A lot faster than when we travel in the motorhome! Could you recognize anything?
    We’ll be praying for you!
    Love, Grandpa & Grandma

  12. Amy Edwards says:

    Hey Josh,

    Even though I’m not your prayer partner; I’m still praying for you too!!! Hope your doing well and having fun. Touch some lives. But most of all I hope someone really touches yours.


  13. mom and dad says:

    Hey Josh, we continue to pray for you! We hope that your first building day went well. It’s hard to imagine that the houses you are building are about the size of your bedroom! Wow! Guess what–in the mail today were scores you were waiting for–3 points better than before. Spectacular!!! It is our prayer that you can use all of your gifts to the best of your ability! love, mom and dad

  14. Joshua Sietsema says:

    Thanks… we worked really hard yesterday and last night whenever I closed my eyes I saw a screw and heard a drill… it didn’t help that I was very tall so I had to do all the tall things… which will also be true today.

  15. Amy Edwards says:

    Blame your parents for making you the tall kid, us short people throw things off on!

  16. jim van farowe says:

    I didn,t know you were into building hope you have high things to work on. Give everybody a smile along the way God loves then all. God bless all you do for him these week.

  17. Aunt Sherry says:

    Hi Joshua!
    We’re missing you, but so thankful for all you are doing, and thankful all is going well. Did you ever use the rain poncho? We prayed the rain would quit. Your mom and dad seem to be doing fine–putting up a brave front (smile). It sounds like their house is in too much order–I might have to send my kids over there until you get home. We continue to pray for your work and your safety, and your new friends. Maybe you can teach the cousins some new games when you return!
    Aunt Sherry

  18. Dad and Mom says:

    Hey Josh, we missed you at Grandma Prins funeral today, but it was a common comment that she had a kind heart and would help anyone who needed it. That is what you are doing right now! Hey, more mail came today that you were waiting for–5 for H and 4 for M!!!! WOW! That M one is surprising–you really learned a lot! I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s mail will bring. Sleep well! I bet they will want you to paint all the high parts tomorrow–are you using Jenna’s camera to take any pictures? I want to see what you see. Love mom

  19. Emma and Annie says:

    Hi Josh – How do you say “HI” in Guatemala? Is it the same or is it different? We want a full lesson in Spanish when you get home.
    Emma and Annie

  20. Theresa Dieterle says:

    Hi Josh!
    I just wanted to drop you a note of encouragement. I spoke with your mom the other day and she tells me you’re doing a fine job with all the “high spots” on the house building. I can tell you, there were a lot of people that “really” appreciated you doing that! You saved them a lot of aches and pains. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you thanks for doing the Lord’s work down there. It means a lot to so many…..
    May God bless you …………and give you safe travels home.

  21. Joshua Sietsema says:

    Thank you for all the kind words. I have enjoyed the week here and also enjoyed market day — I even found a jersey for Antigua FC that fit! However, I am also glad to return home within tomorrow’s sleep cycle…

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